Correct version of the game 'to be released in the US today'

Steam to replace mistaken Dead Island dev build

A pre-release version of Dead Island, which was meant to be for developers only, has made its way on Valve’s digital store Steam in the US.

The game’s publisher, Deep Silver, told Develop that a corrected version of the game will be available today.

The mistaken developer build featured lines of code that suggest the software is an "Xbox Live Submission Project Version".

Deep Silver is also working with Techland to release a comprehensive day-one patch for the game.

The patch is hoped will fix nearly forty known bugs affecting the game, according to Destructoid.

Deep Silver said it “deeply regrets that it was not possible to make the final patched version of Dead Island available to players at launch”.

“We apologise for any issues you may have experienced while playing the game. The final patched version will be made available on Steam to North American players today.”

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