Steam top ten sellers chart: May 18-24

Wolfenstein: The New Order used a strong launch to knock DayZ off the top spot of this week’s Steam top sellers chart.

Supergiant’s Transistor also sold its way past Bohemia’s Early Access title, grabbing the runner-up spot and relegating DayZ to third.

Pre-orders for Watch Dogs continue to keep the upcoming game near the top of the charts, while discount specials on Dark Souls and The Witcher franchises lifted the past chart-toppers back onto the list.

Here’s all ten:

  1. Wolfenstein: The New Order
  2. Transistor
  3. DayZ
  4. Watch Dogs
  5. Arma 3
  6. Planetary Annihilation
  7. Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition
  8. Dark Souls II
  9. Tropico 5
  10. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition

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