Steam users now required to disclose paid endorsements

Valve has released an updated version of the Steam Subscriber Agreement, included in which is a new clause that requires users to disclose when they’re being paid to promote a product on the service.

Gamasutra reports a new clause that requires users to clearly communicate when they are using a Steam service to promote a product, service or event in exchange for money, free games or other rewards. The clause will be enforced across all Steam services, including Valve’s Steam Broadcasting video streaming system.

Valve updated its Steam Curator guidelines in October with an addendum that participants disclose paid-for recommendations, though as the report notes this is the first time the requirement has been added to Steam’s general user agreement.

Steam made news earlier this week by surpassing 9m concurrent users – thanks in major part to robust player numbers in Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Cities: Skylines.

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