Valve to support 12 new local currencies in 2014

SteamDevDays: Steam boasts 75m active users

Steam now boasts over 75 million active users as of the end of 2013, Valve revealed at today’s Steam Dev Days conference.

Developers at the conference in Seattle were given an overview of the Half-Life and Portal developer’s digital distribution system and how it’s been growing over the past three years.

Though the press wasn’t invited to today’s event, Dave Oshry of Hot Blooded Games posted a few pictures on twitter that revealed not only the size of the platform’s user base, but provided local currency figures as well as a chart showing the number of games released on Steam this year.

The headline fact from this presentation was certainly that the user base has grown from 52 to 75 million users in just one year.

Another graph showed that Steam’s revenue in Russia more than doubled after the platform began supporting Rubles, which gives clear cause for Valve’s decision (recorded by indie developer tinyBuild Games) to add twelve new currencies in 2014.

Targeted currencies include the Canadian, Australian, Mexican, and New Zealand Dollar, as well as the Japanese Yen, Turkisk Lira, and Indonisian Rupiah.

Perhaps the single most amazing fact of Steam’s growth has been the number of games released on the platform. In 2013 alone, 636 games went to market on Steam – a 66 percent growth from 382 the year prior.

This is due in part to Valve’s Greenlight program, which allows members of the community to vote for projects they’d like to see on Steam.

Company chief Gabe Newell has said in the past – and said again today – that Valve plans to ditch Greenlight, which might explain why the company has been clearing batches of 100 games at a time. Simply shutting the program down before developers feel like their games have been given a go might start a few fires.

Nothing certain is known about what Valve plans to do to replace Greenlight, but comments from employees, speculation from developers, and the recent release of Valve’s new user reviews all suggest that Valve will scrap any attempt at curating content for the Steam Store, relying instead on the community to aid discoverability.

This isn’t the only news to come out of the event: today Alienware set a launch date of September for its Steam Machine. Valve reaffirmed its intention to include TV, music, and Movie apps for SteamOS before release, and revealed a new Steam Controller minus the original touchscreen.

That’s quite a lot of information in just one day, so stay tuned to Develop and follow #SteamDevDays on Twitter to keep up with the latest news.

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