Success for Steam subtitles campaign

A campaign to get Steam to confirm whether or not a game includes subtitles in its listings has seemingly been a success.

MCV reported in July that UK gamer Kristina Barber has began a petition for the addition of such information, saying at the time that I don’t think in this day and age that I’m asking much to know if I can play a game or not”.

And although there has been no official reaction from Valve, users overnight spotted the addition of subtitle information on the digital PC marketplace.

When I noticed the store I was gobsmacked, so overwhelmed with happiness that Valve actually listened to us and it’s going to help so many people,” Barber told MCV today.

I can’t wait to see the further developments! Valve appear to be in the process of marking games with languages/subtitles on the new feature so I guess we’ll have to sit tight and see what awaits us.”

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