The Gfinity Elite Series gives regular gamers a shot at the big leagues but that’s about all we know

Gfinity has announced the Gfinity Elite Series competition, which will give everyone a chance at competing at the highest level and will offer international competition.

While that sounds grand at first, we actually don’t know all that much about the competition. A statement on the event’s website is pretty vague in regards to what it actually is or what games will be played.

From what I can make out, starting in January everyone around the world will be able to compete in tournaments or ladders that will give them ranking points in the Gfinity Challenger Series. These will presumably be played online and no games have been confirmed. Then sometime before or during April 2017 the top players in the Challenger Series will be drafted by professional teams, again none of which have been confirmed, to take part in the Gfinity Elite Series.

All that we really know about the Gfinity Elite Series is that matches will be played at the Gfinity Arena in London, which they are now trying to call the ‘Theatre of Electric Dreams’. We also know that the winners of the Elite Series will be crowned as Gfinity Elite Series UK Champions. What form the competition will take, how long it will go on for and the size of the prize pool is currently unknown.

The press release also mentions that in the future the competition will expand internationally to create the Gfinity eSports World Series.

As the gamers champion, Gfinity is excited to be launching the Gfinity Elite Series,” said Neville Upton, CEO of Gfinity. The UK has some of the best talent in eSports and Gfinity Elite Series gives them the opportunity to hone their skills and take on some of the best from around the world. This is what the UK eSports community has been waiting for and we can’t wait to take this truly global.”

So to recap. Gfinity will host presumably online competitions from January. We do not know what games will be played. Doing well in these competitions will net you points. The top players from these competitions will then be drafted to professional teams before or during April 2017. We do not know what teams will be involved. These players/teams (depending on the game) will then compete in matches at the Gfinity Arena to be crowned Gfinity Elite Series UK Champions. Oh and the Gfinity Arena is now also called the ‘Theatre of Electric Dreams’.

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