The War Z arrives on Steam, attracts criticism

Standalone DayZ rival The War Z has finally been released on Steam – and has instantly been slated for a host of technical compromises.

The vanilla version of the game costs 9.89 while other SKUs priced at 13.49 and 29.69 that include in-game currency. This in itself has irked some as it’s lower than the price paid by those who pre-ordered the title.

Most of the criticism is levelled at the game’s inaccurate description on Steam, which amongst other things claims that the game includes multiple worlds of 100-400 square kilometres (only one game world exists), private servers (there are none), skill trees and a hardcore mode (MIA) and servers that support 100 players (current servers support 50).

There have also been several complaints about legitimate players being incorrectly banned.

Others have also claimed that the number of zombies spread throughout the game world is minute and that most of the time is pent in combat with rival players.

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