There’s no stopping F2P

The previously announced free-to-play update for Funcom MMO Age of Conan has gone live.

Massively reports that the change arrives alongside a host of new content for the title, including two new dungeons as well as new solo and raid missions.

Conan continues what has become a tidal wave of previously subscription-based MMO games going F2P including The Lord of the Rings Online, Champions Online, City of Heroes and even the mighty World of Warcraft.

There are also signs that SOE’s DC Universe Online could be going the same way.

And even in the non-MMO world there’s an increasing favourability being placed on the F2P model. EA has moved several of its key brands into the space including, FIFA, Tiger Woods, and Need for Speed. Add to that both Battlefield Heroes and Battlefield Play4Free, as well as the upcoming Facebook debut of The Sims.

Valve’s hugely popular online shooter Team Fortress 2 is now a F2P title, and lest we forget the hoards of free social gaming titles with simply colossal audiences such as CityVille.

And even consoles are getting in on the act, with CCP’s EVE Online-linked first person shooter Dust 514 being free to download on PS3.

Here’s a question. When are we going to see the first F2P console disc given away at retail? Online connection required, obviously.

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