Trion doubts it’ll ever do another subscription game

At the time of writing, six titles in the top 20 most played games on Steam are free-to-play. One of those games is Trion Worlds’ voxel MMO Trove, which clearly takes inspiration from one of the world’s biggest ever games, Minecraft.

Speaking toDevelopat Gamescom, Trion Worlds CEO Scott Hartsman said that just a couple weeks after launch, Trove hit its first million players. And it’s still growing.He also said another of its MMOs, Defiance, which made the move from subscription to free-to-play last year, is experiencing a renaissance thanks to the shift that has breathed new life into the game.

These days, everybody plays online games, they play online games with their friends,"he said. "And the fewer barriers you have to get people into the game, the more likely they are to stick in social groups.The console players love the idea of just let me push play and get in the game."

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