Twitch adds premium ‘cheering’ emotes as a way of supporting streamers

Cheering is the latest way to financially support your favourite Twitch streamers, by adding premium emotes to your chat messages.

Bits emotes can be purchased in bundles of 100, 500,1500, 5000, 10000 and 25000, with 100 costing $1.40. The bigger bundle you purchase the bigger discount you get, so 25,000 bits cost $308 with a 12% discount.

When you have some bits to spend you can add them to any Twitch chat message by typing cheer and then the number of bits you want to use, so to use 100 bits it would be cheer100. This will add the appropriate bits emote to the message to make it stand out. You can use as many bits as you like in a single message, with different amounts having different emotes. The red star bit emote will set you back 10,000 bits, which costs $126.

This isn’t just a money making scheme for the streaming service as eligible partnered broadcasters will receive a revenue share for any bits used in their channel. This means that streamers so longer have to rely on monthly, fixed price, subscriptions or third party donations.

The cheering system is currently being tested out on some of the biggest partnered channels on Twitch, including the likes of lirik, Summit1G and DansGaming along with many others. The service will be rolled out to more partnered channels soon.

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