Twitch takes legal action against viewbotting companies

Streaming site Twitch is taking legal action against seven companies that offer viewbotting services.

In a post on the Twitch blog Matthew DiPietro, SVP of Marketing at Twitch, said that the company is actively targeting any service that tries to artificially inflate viewer numbers, follower numbers and chat activity by using bots. In order to do this they have already developed technological solutions to automatically detect any viewbotting, along with having a large support team who investigate every allegation on a case by case basis.

But these efforts don’t appear to be enough, as the post then went on to say that Twitch is taking public legal action against seven of the most active sellers of viewbot services.” The legal document states that Twitch is looking to effectively shut down all the companies, by taking control of their domains and stopping them from receiving payments. They also mention that they want some financial repercussions.

Ultimately though, the best way to stop viewbot sellers from profiting off of empty promises is to not buy their services,” concluded DiPietro. Using viewbots hurts anyone using them on their own channel or found to be using them against other channels, as well as the Twitch community at large.”

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