Digital distribution store ditches first-party only game sales

Ubisoft opens up Uplay to rival developers

Ubisoft has turned itself into a full digital retailer by selling games from rival companies. Just like EA Origin, consumers can now download the likes of Crysis 3 and The Walking Dead from its Uplay store.

Uplay was set-up as a means to link its games together, and Ubisoft then allowed consumers to buy games from it last year. 30 third-party titles are available from right now.

As well as EA games being available to buy via Ubisoft, consumers can also buy Ubisoft titles via EA’s Origin outlet, too.

"We see it very much as giving more content to gamers," said head of Uplay Stephanie Perotti.

"Competition is always healthy, and providing more digital content is good for the customers. On top of EA and Warner, we have invited indie developers to the service. So we really want to make sure our members are have a large array of games to choose from.

"Having content from developers like Telltale, the makers of The Walking Dead which is one of the best titles of last year and awarded by lots of press publications, is great. Offering games like this to a new audience is a good combination for them, too. These developers offer specific game styles and genres to our customers."

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