Valve adds VR spectator support to DOTA 2 ahead of International tournament

eSports fans will be able to watch the upcoming DOTA 2 International in virtual reality.

Developer Valve has announced the DOTA VR Hub, which lets consumers put on a headset and watch live games in a ‘DOTA VR Theater’.

Fans will be surrounded by heroes from the game when watching in VR and will be able to view the game on an ‘enormous’ screen.

Gamers will also be able to jump into the map and watch proceedings from there, too.

The first tournament to make use of this functionality is the upcoming International 2016, but it seems that this is to be a regular feature for DOTA competitions going forwards.

The DOTA 2 International 6 is taking place at the end of the month, and has the biggest eSports prize pool ever.

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