Valve and JJ Abrams join forces

The filmmaker behind Star Trek, Cloverfield, and television’s Fringe and Lost could be going into games development.

In the opening session at the DICE conference today, JJ Abrams appeared alongside Valve boss Gabe Newell, and the two nonchalantly spoke of the possibility of movies based on Half-Life and Portal.

The possibility of a partnership between Valve and Abrams’s Bad Robot is exciting indeed.

"Yes, we are talking about doingPortalandHalf-Lifemovies, and we’re talking to Valve about doing games together," Abrams toldGamasutrashortly after leaving the stage.

Abrams says he likes to dabble in any medium he can get his hands on, and the chance to work with a company like Valve was more than enough incentive to try out game development.

"I don’t think I’m particularly good at anything. I just enjoy the experience of making various things," said Abrams.

"Games are something as a player, I’ve loved and appreciated for years. So the idea of being able to get involved and learn from a group like Valve…"

"Bad Robot has already been in the interactive world with the Action Movie FX app for iPhone. The idea of going deeper… I think we already took the first step into the pool with the app, and we’re ready now to dive into interactive. Dave Baronoff, who runs Bad Robot Interactive, is leading the charge in that regard. And we’re excited about the opportunities there."

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