Service will be free and will not require a subscription

Valve explains upcoming in-home streaming

Valve has offered some fresh new details on how its upcoming in-home streaming feature will work on Steam.

In a Q&A, the Half-Life developer said it would not run like other game streaming services, such as OnLive and Gaikai, as users would be in control of the hardware and the network between them. This means Valve will not be streaming games from its own data centres.

It added that the service would be completely free and would require no subscription.

Speed of the service will depend on the user’s hardware and networking setup. It is only designed for in-home streaming, and internet streaming is not currently supported.

Valve also said people will not be able to use a computer for other tasks while a game is being streamed, as the hardware will be dedicated to running the title.

For more information and to take part in the beta, visit the official website.

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