Valve – provider of games to high-income households

Take an average internet user. Then take an internet user whose household income is 50,000 or more.

That second user is known as a ‘high income’ user. That’s despite the fact that families making 50,000 in London are PROPER SKINT. But that’s not a debate for these pages.

What is the one website that the high-income user is more likely to visit than the average internet users?

Answer = Steam.

Comscore’s latest Monthly UK Digital Market Overview shows that for every 100 internet users from an average UK income household that visit Steam, 159 users from high income households do.

Furthermore, the second most visited sites for the high income demographic compared to the average demographic are Wikia Sites (i.e. game guides). Third in the list is Crave Online followed by Tumblr and then Future Publishing.

Also in the Top Ten are Spotify and

Video gaming ranks as the sixth most popular internet category for high income users behind politics, education information, teens, car rental and family & youth education.

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