Valve pulls Early Access game The Stomping Land from Steam

Valve has quietly pulled Early Access title The Stomping Land from the Steam store, after months of inactivity surrounding the game’s development.

While the $25 in-development game’s store page remains live, the option to purchase it is no longer available. The last update for the game came in June, with near radio-silence from the development team ever since.

Kotaku reports the studio’s PR rep quit in July, explaining on the game’s Steam forums that he was sick of stringing fans along,” and fed up with the lack of communication between himself and the rest of the team.

Lead developer Alex Fundora told the site last month that his team was still working on the game despite the lack of communication, though remained vague on why development had at least apparently grinded to a halt.

Valve hasn’t provided any explanation for the removal of the title, so no word yet on whether people who purchased the game via Steam’s Early Access program will receive refunds.

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