Dev partners with World Vision to bring livestock to the impoverished

Verge Games offers in-app charity donations

Verge Games has announced a partnership with charity group World Vision that will allow players to donate directly in-game, providing livestock to people in need around the world.

The game of barnyard antics follows the antics of a herd of goats as they seek revenge against the flock of sheep that sheared them.

Bleating madness, but the game was such a good-natured variety of fun that the developers decided to seek out a charitable cause their game could support.

"World Vision’s ‘Gift Catalog’ program, which donates life-changing animals to families in need, is such a successful program, and a compelling idea, that it was a natural fit," said Robert Regular, President of Verge Games.

"Our team wanted to include a component of goodwill within the Grumpy Goats game. The ability to donate or gift farm animals such as goats and sheep to children and their families around the world was a major factor in choosing World Vision. They’re the perfect partner for our Grumpy Goats game."

Grumpy Goats – a spinoff of Angry Birds – was launched on Facebook this year, and is the first game from new developer Verge Games.

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