Want to know the history of casual games?

Do you know where the casual games phenomenon has come from? Does it seem a little like it’s arrived out of nowhere?

MCV’s sister site Casualgaming.biz has handily published a full history of the genre – all the way back to 2200 BC – when the ancient Chinese Emperor Tang Yao created a board game called Go… to keep his dim-witted son quiet.

Elsewhere on the site for you casual games newbies, there’s an introduction to the whole idea of casual games… Casual Games 101.

There’s also a full glossary of confusing casual games terminology – essential reading to help you show off your ‘expert knowledge’ of this fast-growing sector in the Board room.

Casualgaming.biz will be offering more help to novices under its ‘learn about casual games’ page in the near future.

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