Free development platform includes physics, collision control and sound particle systems

Windows 8 game engine Rapid2D goes live

A new game engine for Windows 8 development named Rapid2D has gone live.

Unveiled at the Evolve Conference, the dev platform is designed to help developers create apps for PC, tablet and Windows Phone 8 through the Windows 8 Marketplace.

The engine uses C++ for scripting, and includes features such as physics, visual effects, sound particle systems, collision control and animated sprites.

As well as the free version of Rapid2D, there will also be extra add-ons, upgrades and a pro-version available to developers.

To help showcase the engine’s features, showcase title Goblin Guts has been released alongside the development platform.

“We’re delighted to launch Rapid2D at Evolve,” said Rapid2D’s Myra Smallman.

 “We’ve set ourselves a challenge to create an App in 45 minutes and I hope we succeed! Now the Engine is available we can’t wait to see what developers create using the Engine. For those interested in seeing what the Engine is capable of, download Goblin Guts and you can see some of what is possible using Rapid2D.”

Visit the official website for more information.

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