YouTube videos featuring Minecraft hit 4.3bn views last month

Minecraft has once again taken the top spot on Newzoo and Octoly’s monthly chart tracking the top 20 game franchises on YouTube.

Games Industry reports on the latest research by Newzoo and Octoly, and the order of things hasn’t changed much from January’s findings. Minecraft’s dominance over the other franchises in the top 20 continues. Grand Theft Auto is the second closest series on the list, managing just 25 per cent of Minecraft’s total views.

That said, both franchises as well as the rest of the list saw significant increases in total views compared to January – nearly doubling from 5.85bn to 10.77bn.

One specific instance of this would be the Five Nights at Freddy’s series finishing in third at 954m views after not qualifying for the top 20 last month, when January’s third place finisher FIFA grabbed just 368m views. FIFA dropped two spots to fifth last month, but still saw an increase in views to 565m.

Newzoo also took the opportunity to question the mobile market’s impact on YouTube:

"Both games have a relatively low share with 84 percent and 75 percent respectively (when contrasted against the average fan video percentage of over 98 percent). This begs the question: Do mobile games have a harder time leveraging fan engagement on YouTube? Or, perhaps, do their fan bases skew slightly younger, making it less likely that these enthusiasts will have the ability to manage fan channels with reliable, high-quality content?" the report read.

"Part of the problem may lie in the greater ease PC and console gamers have when it comes to uploading game content, especially with many of the ranked PC and console games possessing native streaming and integrated uploading capabilities. This is changing fast as mobile video capture/share tools and live video streaming apps are rapidly gaining momentum."

Here’s a look at the latest rankings:

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