PDP controller battery promises eight hours play from one minute charge

Wireless controllers are one of the most welcome additions to modern consoles, but they come at a price.

That price being – if you run out of charge mid-game (and you will thanks to the limited battery life) you face a spell sitting a couple of feet from the screen thanks to the short charging cable that came with your machine.

Now Polygon reports that accessories firm PDP reckons it has a technology that can provide eight hours battery life for an Xbox One controller from just 60 seconds worth of charging.

"We’ve developed a technology to charge your controller in a new way, it’s not using a battery pack," director of product development Christopher Dingle told Polygon at CES 2016.

Dingle was coy about the details of the tech, but did say: "In the past it has been about either your dry cell battery chemistries or your lithium ion or lithium polymers.

But we’ve developed a new type of power pack. It’s a physical reaction rather than a chemical reaction. It’s a new type of power pack chemistry."

For the time being the tech is still at the working prototype stage, although PDP aims for pre-orders to begin before the end of the year. A single battery and charging base will cost around $99.

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