Peace Walker to be MGS5-class title

Acclaimed games developer Hideo Kojima has started the ball rolling on the Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker hype machine by claiming that the upcoming PSP title will be every bit the rival of its home console counterparts – despite some fundamental design differences.

Peace Walker a Metal Gear Solid 5-class game,” he said in a Q&A posted on ShackNews. I am supervising, designing, producing, directing, and editing this title together with the MGS4 team.”

Kojima went on to explain that whilst Peace Walker will maintain the production values of its predecessors, its form will be somewhat different to previous MGS titles.

The game will be stealth-action based – I can’t reveal too many details yet, but we are implementing features that can only be realized on the PSP platform that I believe everyone can look forward to,” he outlined.

The game will be a little different from the Metal Gear that players have come to know. However, the story can be replayed numerous times and the game is full of challenges to complete, so I feel that this title will really satisfy players with its long-lasting playtime.

You can customise Snake according to your preferences and determine what kind of soldier you will use prior to embarking on your mission.

"For example there’s heavy gear configurations that make a lot of noise, but that allow you to equip numerous weapons. Or, there are other configurations that won’t allow you to carry many weapons, but will allow you to be light on your feet.”

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