PEGI ratings now set for July

The much-delayed implementation of the PEGI age rating system should finally happen in July, says UKIE.

It’s been over four years since The Byron Review, and almost three years since PEGI was chosen as the organisation that will rate video games going forward.

It was even passed into law as part of the Digital Economy Bill in April 2010.

But repeated delays, challenges and behind-the-scenes issues means that today’s video games still feature a hybrid rating system, with both BBFC and PEGI logos currently on somegame packaging.

Yet – fresh from pushing the Government on skills and tax breaks – UKIE says it is now fully focused onpushing PEGI.

Our next major campaign launches this summer to promote PEGI and to demystify video games to parents,” UKIE CEO Dr. Jo Twist told MCV.

This campaign will launch when PEGI is finally implemented. PEGI is indeed progressing and the latest estimated implementation date is this July.”

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