Peter Moore keynotes the EB Expo

TheCOO of EA, Peter Moore, has made a personal appearance at Australia’s biggest ever games event EB Expo to deliver a keynote address.

His talk spent a considerable amount of time recounting the path games have trodden to get to where they are today, reminiscing about the pre-console FPS days, the ‘beauty’ we beheld in the original Need For Speed and Top Gun, and the perception of the role of the gamer over time.

"It doesn’t mean because it’s casual that it’s wrong" says Moore while outlining EA’s recent acquisition of PopCap.

"We acquired them because we see the future of gaming. We love Need For Speed The Run, we love Battlefield 3, but there’s also a time to play Plants vs Zombies and Bejewelled."Moore vehemently rallied against the notion that social or casual gaming is somehow ‘bad’ for core gaming.

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