Peter Moore, Robbie Bach and Chris Lewis discuss the birth of Xbox 360 in this week’s free MCV

In today’s free MCV, we speak to the creators of Xbox 360 as Microsoft ceases production on the iconic console.

In the meantime, we speak to Rovio’s CCO Alex Lambeek about the return of Angry Birds: with a new game, an animated movie and deals with brands such as LEGO and McDonalds, the Finnish game giant spares no expense to restore the franchise popularity.

We also talk to Randy Varnell, creative director at Gearbox, about Battleborn and the challenge of competing with Blizzard’s Overwatch and Epic’s Paragon.

Meanwhile, the UK’s top accessories firms discuss the state of the industry and the influence VR will have on the market.

The full contents of this week’s issue are below. The digital edition can be readhere.

  • NEWS: Angry Birds is back: Rovio spends millions to recapture the franchise’s former glory
  • THE STORY OF XBOX 360: As Microsoft calls time on Xbox 360 console, we speak with former Xbox leaders to discuss how the machine came to be
  • ANALYSIS: How advertisers can make the most of the digital games revolution
  • THE BIG GAME: Gearbox’s creative director Randy Varnell talks about Battleborn
  • HISTORY LESSON: We speak with Team17 MD Debbie Bestwick about the story of Worms
  • INDIE INTERVIEW: Milky Tea’s producer Kevin Campbell talks about Coffin Dodgers
  • MCV AWARDS INTERVIEW: UK retail MD Charlotte Knight discusses GAME’s online initiatives and projects
  • UK ACCESSORY MARKET: We talk to the UK’s top companies about the accessories market and the impact of virtual reality
  • Plus! New marketing exec for Koei Tecmo, Ratchet & Clank tops the UK weekly charts, Shabaka Anderson from Uptown Games talks about the challenge of maintaining a presence online, plus a focus on the Canadian games market

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