Phil Fish cancels Fez II due to constant abuse on Twitter

Fez creator Phil Fish has announced the cancellation of his title’s recently-revealed sequel, along with his decision to take an indefinite leave of absence from game development.

The Indie Game: The Movie star shut down his latest project following a heated spat with several users on Twitter. The argument was over a GameTrailers journalist, who took issue with Fish’s refusal to provide his thoughts on the Xbox One and its policies when requested by press.

Soon after the argument turned particularly ugly, Fish posted an official statement on his studio’s blog regarding the matter:

FEZ II is cancelled. i am done. i take the money and i run. this is as much as i can stomach. this is isn’t the result of any one thing, but the end of a long, bloody campaign. you win.”

Fish made it clear that the single situation wasn’t the only factor that led to the cancelling of Fez II, instead implying that the constant string of abuse the indie developer has endured for years had finally taken its toll.

While verbal darts continue to be hurled in Fish’s direction, many hope that he will choose to return to developing games once things cool down.

Still, there’s no way of telling at this juncture. The only thing that has been made clear (once again), is that people will use Twitter to say some extremely horrendous stuff – and that kind of constructive-free comment can seriously affect those on the receiving end.

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