Pink DSi not just for girls

Though the arrival of the pink DS did wonders to widen the market reach of the popular handheld, Nintendo has said that the colour is also a popular option amongst its male demographic.

With this new colour it is definitely about the girls – although that’s not to say that it is exclusively for them,” junior product manager Zoe Cooper told MCV.

We know a lot of boys and men who picked up pink versions of the GBA SP and DS Lite.”

Cooper goes on to state that pink variants of its hardware are always amongst the most requested from consumers.

We know that both retail and a large number of our female user base have been asking for DSi in pink ever since we launched the original black and white versions last year,” she explained. We have released a series of colours since the launch of DSi, but pink is definitely one of the most anticipated colour variants we’ve worked on.”

We saw great success with the launch of the pink DS and DS Lite, and we hope that the pink DSi will see similar success.”

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