Pitchford teases next-gen Gearbox title, gets grumpy when it is reported

It’s logical to presume that Borderlands developer Gearbox is working toward a next-gen reveal.

But with no official confirmation being offered, it’s only right that comments from Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford pointing to a ‘probable’ announcement later this year are reported, right?

"We’re working on next-gen. Platforms TBD," Pitchford told a Twitter user who asked when the studio would confirm a possible Xbox One game. "We’ll probably announce something later this year."

This was picked up by GameSpot. However, the site’s decision to report on Pitchford’s public statement has seemingly irritated the developer.

Ever wondered how to fabricate a ‘news’ story from arbitrary, disconnected comments and tweets? Here ya go,” he later said, linking to the story.

Pitchford has previously claimed that Borderlands 3 is not currently in development, but that the studio is working on two new IPs for PS4 and Xbox One – one of which is believed to be a new Brothers in Arms.

Gearbox is also collaborating with Walking Dead dev Telltale on a title called Tales from the Borderlands.

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