Pivotal Q4 ahead for ‘new’ Midway, says CEO

Midway’s mission to become a true blockbuster publisher is to come good this Q4 as the firm starts to unleash its biggest next-gen properties, says CEO David Zucker.

The US publisher has what it believes is its strongest product line-up for years, and is now looking forward to reaping the rewards at retail.

We have been very focused over the last two years gearing up for this generation cycle,” Zucker told MCV.

We’ve invested a great amount of money in development – $100m just on tech – and we’re now rolling out some really big titles.

This holiday I think you’ll see some real high quality games coming into the market. It’s going to be a big holiday.

I think the market will be awash with great titles. We have Stranglehold, Blacksite, Unreal and a whole load more coming next year. Our goal is to grow market share and focus as much as possible on this next generation. Where that takes us, we’ll see.”

And Zucker hinted at widening the company’s ‘fewer, bigger, better’ mantra into new areas – especially onto Nintendo’s popular formats.

Midway’s heritage is in casual games,” he added. A lot of our history is based in the pinball market. We’ve got games coming up that will address that market. We’ve supported Wii since launch. We’re big fans.”

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