Pixar demands quality from Cars 2 game

The upcoming Cars 2 movie tie-in must live up to Pixar’s standards or risk diluting the entire franchise.

That’s according to Jay Ward – Pixar’s franchise guardian for Cars – who has been working with developer Avalanche to ensure the game is up to scratch.

It needs to be consistent throughout,” Ward told MCV.
If it is something related to Cars, it needs to have the same level of quality and care and concern that we put into the movie.

And if it doesn’t then, it kind of brings the whole thing down. It dilutes the whole thing, so we are pretty careful about that.

I’ve done a lot of work with Avalanche. They are very respectful of the Cars property, they did the Toy Story game previously and that was a great game. They don’t want to do anything that lets us down from a Pixar standpoint in terms of quality.

So they were really good about working back and forth and making sure we were good with it.”

The Cars franchise has generated over $10bn globally since 2006.

In fact, Cars merchandise is expected to generate more revenue this year than Toy Story 3 did in 2010. Ward added: Cars is a multi-billion dollar franchise. And it wasn’t really expected to be something that big.

When the first film came out, there was a small initial offering of toys and some related things, and then this world of Cars kept on growing beyond the film. It was pretty amazing.”

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