Pixels film copyright claims hit indie videos

An anti-piracy group acting on behalf of Columbia Pictures has hit video hosting site Vimeo with a slew of copyright takedowns to prevent piracy of its Adam Sandler summer film, Pixels.

Entura International sent the video hosting site a number of DCMA take-down notices on videos using the below criteria:

"Pixels", "Pantone Pixels", "Pixels", "Pixels – HD Trailer", "Detuned Pixels – Choco", "Pixels – Life Buoy", "Pixels: Redeye @ Kettering", "Pixels Festival 2015", "Love Pixels- VJLoops", "Pixels Official Trailer (2015) – Adam Sandler, Peter Dinklage"

This resulted in a number of indie projects being taken down including Pantone Pixels.

Ironically, this took down the film’s trailer, as well as the award-winning short film on which Pixels is based.

Speaking to Kotaku, Vimeo says that it is looking into this, and that they are going to restore everything in the nextfew days.

The videos were takedown in accordance with Vimeo’s DMCA policy,” a spokesperson told Kotaku. However, Vimeo’s Trust & Safety team are further evaluating the claims made and will have an update in the coming days.”

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