Plants vs Zombies 2 PopCap’s biggest release ever, according to CEO

PopCap CEO Dave Roberts has dubbed the iOS launch of Plants vs Zombies 2 the company’s biggest release to date.

Speaking with Geekwire, Roberts spoke on the free-to-play offering’s tremendous launch that has it on top of Apple’s app store charts – though the executive declined to dive into specific numbers regarding downloads or in-app purchases.

It’s a big release. It is the biggest release for PopCap,” Roberts said, seemingly in awe of the game’s climb up the charts without the aid of any storefront promotion as of yet.

So far so good. The numbers are looking awesome, and the Apple promo hasn’t event kicked in yet.”

The fact that we hit number one in the app store charts, based purely on – I mean there’s nothing, seriously. I don’t think anyone at EA has seen anything go up that fast to the top downloads.

By 6AM this morning, it was already at number one. Literally, between 5AM and 6AM. My guess, by lunch today, we will have hit the same number of downloads that it took us five months to hit in the first version. It probably took us close to a year to hit that number on the PC.”

Plants vs Zombies 2 is available now exclusively on iOS, with other platform releases arriving at some point in the future.

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