Play SNES and Mega Drive carts on your PC

Questionable legality aside, a new accessory is on the horizon that will allow gamers to play their old SNES and Mega Drive cartridges on their PC.

Called the Retrode 2, the USB device plugs into a PC and allows users to then plug both their cartridges and old controllers into it.

The games themselves are then run via an emulator than can be downloaded and installed onto their PC.

As users would own the games they’re playing it gets around the problem of downloading and owning illegal game ROMS.

How Nintendo and Sega would feel about the device bypassing their hardware is another question altogether, however – particularly as both currently make big business out of digitising their back-catalogue.

Retrode 2 is currently up for pre-order at $84.99 with shipping on track to commence by the end of the month.

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