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PlayerLands goes live today – looks to help monetise server-based PC games

PlayerLands is an e-commerce platform targeted at server-based games. Not the huge centrally controlled ones, but rather the huge PC market of bespoke servers and communities for titles such as Minecraft, the main target platform at launch, but also the likes of Rust and CS:GO.

Launching today, but first founded back in 2019 by Nick Gillett and Alex Booth, with VC funding from Mercia Technologies, the new service is looking to target everyone from single server hobbyists upwards, whether they are simply looking to cover their costs or to build a significant business and community.

It does this by allowing those running servers to sell in-game items to their fans. “With an easy-to-install plug-in, PlayerLands gives server owners a suite of simple, intuitive tools to sell in-game items, and accept monthly subscriptions or donations from gamers who wish to access their content.”

“Once installed, PlayerLands does all the leg work, freeing server-owners up to focus on their games and creating new content to sell to fans. Stores are pre-integrated with the world’s leading payment partners, so server owners can have them up and running and taking money in a matter of minutes.”

Nick Gillett, Co-Founder of PlayerLands said, “We aim to turn hobbies into small businesses, and existing businesses into real revenue generators. Gamers with the wherewithal to create fantastic in-game content to sell to their fans should be helped to share it. There will be many who will financially benefit from having their hard work rewarded, and PlayerLands does that with minimal fuss. Server owners should not be limited by store-front management, payments and inventories, but only by the breadth of their imaginations. We’re thrilled to help server owners achieve that.”

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