PlayerLands is a new plug-in that lets server owners run their own in-game stores

PlayerLands is a new, easy-to-install plug-in that lets server owners run their own in-game stores "using a simple and intuitive interface".

"There’s a lot more going on at PlayerLands than just stores though," the company states via today’s press release. "We also help developers and server owners market their games to new players, introduce them to the right YouTubers and influencers, and share success stories from our community to help them grow their businesses and enjoy even greater success."

The UK-based project – which was founded by online marketer Alex Booth and technology journalist Nick Gillett and recently secured £200,000 in VC funding from Mercia Technologies – has also already been selected among the finalists for Tech Nation’s Rising Star category.

"I’m not a coder, more of an analyst but what we started out with here is a plug-in, one which is very easy to install on a game server," said co-founder Alex Booth. "It lets server owners make player-friendly shops in their games. They can sell items, subscriptions, DLC, put sales on, offer discounts and essentially run a commercial enterprise from that server. It also offers them industry standard reporting on all those activities."

"We’re building PlayerLands to be a fully functional ecosystem for developers, publishers and server owners," added fellow co-founder Nick Gillett. "It’s not just about technology though, we want to build a connected community, where success stories are shared and businesses are grown alongside one another on the platform.

"PlayerLands is a plug-in that lets server owners monetise their games, whether they’re bedroom coders, small businesses or a global enterprise. But more than that, it will also allow vendors to find and hire influencers through mutual connections and market their games to new players."

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