Playstack and Laser Dog Games team up for Playstack Leeds

Playstack and Laser Dog Games have announced that they will work together to open a new micro-studio called Playstack Leeds. 

Laser Dog Games was first created in 2012 in Leeds by Simon Renshaw and Rob Allison. In the time since, the pair have created indie games like Alone, Catchee, and Don’t Grind. Playstack are based in London and have been publishing games for PCs, mobiles and consoles since 2016. The idea behind the new Playstack Leeds is that it will assist Laser Dog Games with its quality assurance process, monetisation models, and data analysis efforts. 

There’s as of yet no word on what the first project to come from Playstack Leeds and Laser Dog Games will be.

When asked about the decision to launch a new micro-studio, Playstack CEO Harvey Elliott said “One of our core goals is to enable developers to focus on their passion for creating great games. Simon and Rob have already brought their boundless energy to Playstack showing a passion for creating, crafting, and shaping a new wave of games for our line-up …”

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