Hirai on PS3’s strengths:

"As we all know PS3 is a platform for digital interactive home entertainment – and we know that the nature of PS3 is multi faceted.

Last year, we positioned the PS3 first and foremost as a system for games, games and more games so it was clear to users what they can expect from their PS3.

Ultimately, it is the games that define PlayStation. I think this message has resonated well with gamers and has been taken on board.

This year, while we will be maintaining that focus of delivering more great games, we will also be promoting PS3’s multi-faceted entertainment credentials."

Hirai on third parties:

"I made it clear in Tokyo last year that we will be working harder to build partnerships and relationships with third party developers.

Through an increase in dialogue, there has been a greater sharing of knowledge, of development assets which has resulted in a rise in the number of developers choosing PS3 as the lead platform. We’re seeing real steps in quality."

Hirai on PS3’s lifespan:

"I’ve always thought that PS3 was a long term play for us and that is still very much the case. We are very confident that PS3 will have at least a ten year lifespan and the potential for improvement in all areas is simply astonishing. Needless to say, relationships with our partners will be key in unleashing that potential."

Hirai on PS3’s difficult first year:

"I also think its fair to say that the first year of PS3 was a difficult one. There were some teething problems, and our customers were a little underwhelmed by the range of titles that were available.

This was something that we were very much aware of and we were confident that we could overcome. Things have improved greatly for PS3 since the Christmas season and 2008 has gotten off to a fantastic start.

With titles such as LittleBig Planet, Resistance 2, MotorStorm Pacific Rift and Buzz Quiz TV together with a line up from our third party partners led by Metal Gear Solid 4 and Haze, 2008 promises to be a very special year for PS3 owners.

With extra features such as the Blu Ray drive and PlayTV, it really becomes an easy decision to choose PS3 as the home console of choice and as the focal point of all of your entertainment needs."

Hirai on PS3 Home:

"One of the key aspects of our strategy is of course Home, our 3D interactive world which we recently announced would be open to the public at the end of the year. Now I realise that this announcement was disappointing for many people. So please accept my apologies for the delay.

But as I said at the Tokyo Games Show, I would not open up Home until I was completely happy with it, and I stand by that statement. As great as it currently is, I feel I needs a little bit more time before its ready for the wider public – something that we firmly believe that we can provide in the Autumn."

Hirai on the PlayStation community:

"But Home is not the only thing that defines what we mean by community. We have a thriving PlayStation global community with over 8 million people now registered on the PlayStation Network and over three million of these are in the SCEE countries.

Our global network creates a huge opportunity for PlayStation – one that demand a new way of thinking. That thinking is now firmly embedded in our business and we’re starting to see the positive results on how and what we do.

This has already started with our community hubs such as my SingStar online, which has already seen more than one million downloads and more that 20,000 videos uploaded. And there’s new communities coming such as my Buzz, which will become a global portal for quiz lovers and will deliver a unique take on sharing and creating content."

Hirai on PS3’s future:

"So moving forward the future of PlayStation firmly sits in the domain of interactive entertainment. A harmonious marriage between games and community.

It’s through this unique, exciting and special hames that wll make our platform the staple diet for all gamers, including those that like to take part in casual and social gaming. It is this dedication that we firmly believe will bring PlayStation gamers back to the PlayStation family and become part of a global Network community.

Within the community, we will see people begin to create their own experences, whether by defining new games, creating new content, or communicating at home. And it will be recognising these passions that will shape our vision, just as much as our products."

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