PlayStation Tablet in the works?

The PlayStation brand could branch out to tablet devices and smartphones in the future.

That’s according to Sony Computer Entertainment president Kaz Hirai, who dropped heavy hints that the firm will bring the PlayStation Network to other Sony devices.

During his keynote at CES 2011, he said: Strategy encompasses driving the development of a variety of new strategic products and services including tablets currently in development as well as smartphones, all the while integrating the knowhow and the assets that we’ve accumulated from our PlayStation business.”

The creation of a PlayStation Tablet would expand upon the direction the company is taking with the all-but-confirmed PlayStation Phone.

Sony also stressed the importance of stereoscopic 3D in its future, demonstrating the technology with a trailer for Uncharted 3, according to Spong.

CEO Howard Stringer announced a new 3D cable network, 3net, which will be a joint venture between Sony, Discovery Channel and Imax.

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