PlayStation will lead premium VR market, say developers

Game makers have said that Sony’s PlayStation VR could become the sector’s market leader.

Speaking to MCV, studios said that due to its comparatively low price point of 349, and the requirement of a 259 PS4, the hardware could quickly outsell its premium rivals – Oculus’ 549 Rift and HTC Vive, which sets consumers back 816. Both of these require expensive PCs to run.

We’re very bullish about PSVR,” nDreams CEO Patrick O’Luanaigh (pictured right, middle) said. Sony has created a supremely comfortable headset and is launching it at a great price. The 40m+ PS4 owners don’t require any additional hardware – just plug in the headset and camera and it just works. PSVR will sell extremely well.”

Flavio Parenti (pictured right), CEO of Loading Human makers Untold Games, goes as far as to say that if it’s successful, PSVR could become the standard VR titles are developed for.

We expect PlayStation VR to be a market leader,” he said. We don’t know how big the market is or how big PSVR will be, but the sweet deal that Sony is giving to the players is amazing. For just half the price of the others you get everything. Developers will aim for PSVR standards, and then adapt games to PC if PSVR is the market leader.”

Supermassive producer Simon Harris (pictured top, far right) added: Sony is delivering a very competitively-priced product to an audience of some 40m+ users who have a PS4. There’s this huge audience to whom Sony is saying: ‘here’s this new experience, this is the price point, we’d love you to come on board’.”

You can read more about PSVR in our seven-page guide in this week’s MCV.

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