Pokédex for iOS arrives… for £17.45

The Pokmon Company International has today confirmed the release of Pokdex for iOS.

Described as an illustrated encyclopaedia of more than 640 Pokmon characters”, the app offers a ton of detail about the virtual critters including where they can be found and how best to evolve them.

The initial download costs 1.49 and includes access to the Unova Pokdex, (National Pokdex) including numbers 494–647.

Additional packs cost 3.99 each are as follows: Kanto Pokdex (National Pokdex No. 001–151), Johto Pokdex (National Pokdex No. 152–251), Hoenn Pokdex (National Pokdex No. 252–386), and Sinnoh Pokdex (National Pokdex No. 387–493).

That’s a total cost of just under 17.45.

Still, if you really do have to catch them all…

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