Pokémon Go has added £7.5bn to Nintendo market value since its launch

Mobile hit Pokmon Go has had a very positive impact on Nintendo’s share price.

Since the game launched in select regions last Thursday (July 6th), the platform holder’s share price has risen 60 per cent from 14,390 to a high of 23,045 on the Tokyo Exchange yesterday (Tuesday, July 13th).

This translates to roughly 7.5bn ($10bn) being added to Nintendo’s market value.

The most impressive part of this is that Nintendo did not actually make Pokmon Go. It does, however, have a 30 per cent stake in The Pokmon Company and holds an undisclosed number of shares in Pokmon Go developer, Niantic Labs.

The company’s market value could increase further yet, too. Pokmon Go is only out in New Zealand, Australia and America at the time of writing. A UK launch is set for the coming days. And the game is yet to make it out in Pokmon’s home of Japan.

Given the size and value of the smart phone market in that region, Pokmon Go is no doubt going to have an impact in the market.

The mobile title has already generated $1m in microtransactions thus far according to research firm App Annie, with the company claiming that Pokmon Go could bring in a whopping $1bn a year.

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