Poll claims US parents want government games regulation

A study released by US PR firm Hill & Knowlton has claimed that 60 per cent of consumers think that the US government should have direct control of the regulations concerning the sale of mature or violent games,



The report also claims that 51 per cent of those surveyed wanted the government to be involved in the regulation of actual games content.

However, the region’s regulatory body the Entertainment Software Association has attacked the claims, stating that they painted an inaccurate picture of the entertainment software industry”.

An ESA statement read: "Hill & Knowlton’s decision to release these findings was both unprofessional and unethical and its timing is questionable.

”We understand that parents have concerns about mature content getting into the hands of children and we are working to help make sure that does not happen.

”We support the ESRB, which is the nation’s leading rating system working to educate and empower parents with game information. We have also worked within the industry to ensure that password protected, robust parental controls are included in all new videogame consoles sold. In addition, we work with retailers to encourage the enforcement of policies that prohibit the sale of mature games to minors.”

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