Precursor insists it’s not at all related to Silicon Knights

The developer of Eternal Darkness successor Shadow of the Eternals has attempted to dismiss much of the criticism it has received.

One accusation is that Precursor Games is simply a new vehicle for the doomed studio Silicon Knights and has been created specifically to allow operations to continue whilst escaping the debts that have crippled the Too Human studio.

The people who are on our original team are from Silicon Knights and other places like EA and Ubisoft,” CEO Paul Caporicci told Eurogamer. When asked if all are former SK employees Caporicci stated: "At some point in time, yes they were all there."

He apparently later confirmed that all staff joined directly from Silicon Knights without working anywhere else in the interim, although the exec – a former SK programmer and later assistant director himself – stressed in no uncertain terms that they’re a totally separate company from us”.

The next question – why did Precursor initially set up a PayPal donation drive claiming that Kickstarter was not an option only to then launch on Kickstarter? And why has each one got a separate deadline?

"We wanted to give people as many opportunities as the want to fund this game," Caporucci claimed. "When we launched the Kickstarter the 30 days ended on E3, so we thought that wasn’t the best day for our campaign to end. So that’s why it’s a little bit later."


The author of the piece concludes that he didn’t get the impression that the studio was a front for Silicon Knights – instead, it seemed like a bunch of laid off co-workers banding together to try to live out the glory days”.

Time will tell.

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