PRICE ROUNDUP: Supermarkets flirt with a FIFA 15 price war

Sainsbury’s the Tesco have slashed a bit off the RRP of FIFA 15 today, although it’s hard to call the discounting a full-out price war.

Videogamer‘s price roundup shows that the cheapest High Street price comes from Tesco, which has gone for a round 40.

However, both Sainsbury’s and Tesco will sell the game for 34.99 when bought with 30 worth of shopping or a PSN/XBL card respectively.

HMV is topping the other end of the scale, charging a whopping 52.99 for the next-gen SKU.

It’s all a far cry from the 24.97 Tesco charged for FIFA 10 back in 2009.

Here are all the prices:

  • TESCO: 40 or 35 when you purchase Xbox Live credit, PSN credit, a PS Plus subscription or an Xbox Live Gold membership
  • SAINSBURY’S: 44.99 or 34.99 when you spend 30 in-store
  • ASDA: 42 (PS4/Xbox One), 40 (Xbox 360/PS3)
  • GAME: 49.99 (PS4/Xbox One), 44.99 (Xbox 360/PS3)
  • CURRYS: 44.99
  • HMV: 52.99 with free Blu-ray worth 8.99
  • ARGOS: 45.99 (PS4/Xbox One), 40.99 (PS3/Xbox 360)

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