Production of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 reportedly suspended

According to reports from South Korea production of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been suspended.

South Korean news company Yonhap reported that all production of the Note 7 has been halted after it was discovered that the new replacement devices were also likely to catch fire.

Last month Samsung was forced to recall the Note 7 after multiple handsets caught fire thanks to faulty batteries. Replacement devices were issued, but it has now been discovered that many of these devices have the same issue.

Multiple networks, including AT&T and T-Mobile two of America’s biggest networks, have stopped selling the Note 7 and are no longer exchanging original models for the news ones after learning of the issue.

It is currently unclear what the next step for Samsung is. Clearly it does not want to completely write off the Note 7, but at this point it is looking like the phone may need some kind of redesign or entirely new components.

What is known, or at least estimated, is that the recall will cost Samsung at least a few billion dollars. Despite this Samsung’s financials are currently doing well, with a 6% increase in profits announced just last week.

While this is clearly a disaster for Samsung the company do have a tiny bit of good news to celebrate, as its League of Legend’s team just made it to the quarter final of the World Championship.

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