Project Scorpio unveiled as Xbox One X, priced at £449 in the UK

Project Scorpio finally has a name and a price. Meet the Xbox One X, which is launching worldwide on November 7th later this year for $499 in the US and 449 in the UK – that’s 20 higher than IHS’s initial estimate yesterday.

Unveiled at Microsoft’s E3 press conference this evening, the platform holder finally lifted the lid on its new console. UK pricing has yet to be announced, but impressively, it’s the smallest Xbox ever, which is pretty incredible when you consider what’s inside it. As revealed earlier this year, the Xbox One X will have a 6 teraflop GPU, 12GB of GDDR5 RAM, and 326GB/s of memory bandwidth. Don’t forget it has an Ultra HD Blu-ray player as well.

In addition to its impressive list of specs, all Xbox One and Xbox One S accessories will be backwards compatible with the Xbox One X, and all games will look better and load faster. 4K games will also look better on regular 1080p TVs, says Microsoft, thanks to its super-sampling, and players will also be able to broadcast in 4K UHD for the first time using its streaming Mixer service.

The first game to get an Xbox One X demo was Forza Motorsport 7, which launches on October 3rd on all Xbox platforms and Windows 10. The game will run at a native 4K resolution and 60fps, and will likely be one of the most visually impressive titles on the X’s launch roster.

The game was just just one of 42 games Microsoft showcased during its E3 press conference, in among 22 Xbox/Windows 10 exclusives, including Crackdown 3, which will arrive alongside the Xbox One X on November 7th, a port of the Oculus exclusive Lucky’s Tale (entitled Super Lucky’s Tale) and Sea of Thieves, which has now been dated for early 2018.

Microsoft also announced that original Xbox games would be added to its backwards compatibility programme later this year, including the much-asked for Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge.

Xbox empowers game developers large and small to create different types of games for every type of player,” Xbox boss Phil Spencer said. Not only do we have the biggest cross-platform blockbusters on our platform, we’ve also scoured the world to bring our fans unique content from creative artists that capture the imagination.”

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