PS VR could become the ‘must have’ Christmas gift of 2016

UK retailers have tipped PlayStation VR to have a Christmas akin to Wii’s first year on sale.

Stores were responding to the news that PlayStation VR will arrive in October for 349, with 50 games due before the end of the year.

The price point means it’s far more accessible than customers were anticipating but of course the true cost with the controller and camera added on is getting expensive,” ShopTo’s head of commercial Alison Fraser said.

October is a perfect release month for the early adopters to create the excitement for the gifting season. It could feel similar to the Wii’s first Christmas when it was the must-have present. PlayStation VR’s price point and brand will make it a success for core console customers and the more casual gadget fans who have trust in the brand.”

The Hut Group’s head of games and tech Mike Fethers added: PlayStation VR seems to be the front runner for the normal consumer, without needing an expensive PC build and having access to a great catalogue of current and future first-party content helps significantly.

Sony has excelled itself by announcing this early and showing who’s working with them for VR content. It’ll build a decent level of hype.”

Games Centre boss Robert Lindsay believes the PS4 install base gives it an edge: Sony’s trump card is the PS4 and, with the publisher support it will no doubt have, the competition will struggle to match.”

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