PS2 games to arrive on PS3 in Japan this month

Sony is to introduce a number of PS2 games for PS3 in Japan later this month.

The PlayStation 2 Archives service will arrive on PSN on July 25th. Its debut titles are Resident Evil: Code Veronica (Capcom), Kessen (Tecmo Koei), Siren (Sony), Dragon Force (Sega) and Shin Contra (Konami).

Prices range between 1,500 and 1,200, Andriasang reports.

Unlike other titles on the PSN Archive service – which currently offers PSOne, PC Engine and TurboGrafx games – the new PS2 selection will be playable only on PS3 and not PSP.

The roster will be updated monthly, with a number of upcoming additions having also been named – Gunstar Heroes (Sega), Dark Cloud (Sony), Castelvania (Konami) and Dead and Alive (Tecmo Koei).

UPDATED: Headline altered to reflect the fact that this is Japanese news. PS2 games have been available for PS3 gamers in Europe for some time.

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