PS3 3D update landing in June

A firmware update that will transform Sony’s PS3 into a full 3D-gaming capable machine will arrive on June 10th, according to rumours reported by TheSixthAxis.

Once updated, consoles will be able to display compatible Blu-ray films in 3D as well as the upcoming generation of 3D games, though users will need a compatible TV (which will begin arriving at UK retail in June) and a pair of compatible 3D specs.

What certainly is true is that debug PS3 consoles – the units sent to developers and some journalists – already offer a 3D option in their menus.

To date Ubisoft’s Avatar is the only game to offer a 3D mode, though the upcoming Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition will also offer a limited selection of 3D levels.

If the technology catches on beyond the current enthusiasm being shown by cinemagoers, expect a few more 3D-compatible titles to arrive on shelves this Christmas.

UPDATE:Reuters reports that Sony has spoken officially about a 3D games push beginning in June to coincide with the release of its new three new 3D-ready TVs.

The maker of the PlayStation 3 game console plans to release 3D game software around June in time for TV launch,” the agency claims.

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